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Rags the Cat

  • 2 yards cheap, but soft fabric

  • 1 skein of matching Embroidery Floss for the eyes.

  • 2" x 2" piece of salmon-colored felt

  • one 5/8" pink pompom

  • two 5/8" buttons for eyes

  • Embroidery Needle

  • 1 bag polyester fiberfill


  • 4 x 18 inch strip for the tail,  
  • One 18" circle for the body, 
  • one 12" circle for the head, 
  • two 8" circles for the feet, 
  • two 3" circles for the cheeks, 
  • and three 6" circles for the arms and ears

 I found that if I measured and made a pattern out of old paper grocery bags, I was able to keep it as a template so I could make several kitties.

The Body:

Using all 8 threads from the embroidery floss, stitch  - - - all around the circle about 1/4 inch from the edge.  Leave plenty of thread to tie it with. 

Start pulling both ends of the thread that you just stitched around the edge of the body circle  Once you get it pulled almost completely together, start stuffing it.  It will make a large round ball. Keep it soft, don't over stuff it.  Tie it shut well.

Repeat these steps for the head, feet, cheeks and arms. 

The Tail:

Fold the long edges together, wrong side out.  Stitch 1/4 inch from the edges, leaving one end open. Turn it right side out and stuff with fiberfill.  Stitch closed.

Stitch the head and body together. I put the gathering areas of the body & head and sew them together.   Sew the cheeks, paws and tail on.

The Ears:

a) Fold one 6 inch circle in half and cut in half.

b) Fold one half in half with the straight edge at the bottom.   That should leave 1/4 circle. 

c) Stitch the straight edge part together, leaving the circular edge un-sewn.

Fold the ear so that the seam that you just sewed is in the middle.

d) Gather stitch the circular part and gather to make the ear.  Tie the ends so that it will stay gathered. 

Sew the gathered part of the ear onto the head. 

Sew the pom pom for the nose.

Sew on the eyes and mouth. 





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