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Burlap Bag Floral Arrangement


  • 20'' square piece of cream burlap
  • large fish gravel 
  • 4x4x2 block of floral foam 
  • 9 to 12 birch twigs 12'' to 18'' long 
  • 8 stems of dried roses with leaves 10'' to 14'' long 
  • 2 stems artificial raspberries 
  • 10'' long wispy dried flowers like caspia or baby's breath for filler
  • floral wire
  • various silk or dried flowers and leaves attached to a floral pic 
  • 1 yd twisted paper ribbon in desired color 
  • wire cutters and 
  • scissors

Lay the burlap flat. and place 2 cups of gravel in the center of the burlap, place the foam block on top of the gravel.

Insert the birch twigs into the the block, putting the taller branches in the back and the shorter ones in the front, add the rose stems always putting the short stems in the front and long ones in the back, put the raspberry stems in the middle, and use the baby's breath to fill any empty spaces but don't go overboard, less is sometimes better.

Gather the burlap around the foam block bunching it up just above the foam, arrange the burlap so the fabric fans out framing the arrangement, wrap the floral wire around the burlap at the top of the foam, twist the ends of the wire to secure it, cut the excess with wire cutters.

Insert the floral pick in the front of the arrangement.

Untwist paper ribbon and wrap it around the burlap covering the floral wire, tie the ribbon into a bow at the front, trim the ends of the ribbon, pull a few threads from the edges of the burlap to fray the edges if desired.




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