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Recycled Candle

First thing is finding the right container, here are a few ideas:

A coffee can,

Use any size coffee can, I like using the big ones :-)

Here's how I did mine......I peeled the paper off the can and spray painted the can white.  

Then,  I used a damp sponge and sponge painted the can green. I lightly sponged in burgundy and finished it off with bronze metallic paint.  Don't forget it's better to have to little paint than too much, cause you can always add more.

Using decoupage glue I attached some sunflower Wallies. You can, also,  use magazine cutouts or gift wrap.  Coat the whole can with the glue. Don't worry it dries clear.  

With a glue gun glue a wick to the can.  If you are using the large can, use 3 wicks in a triangle pattern.  Use a wooden dowel to roll the excess wick.  Don't cut off the excess wick. Place the pencil across the top of the can to hold the wick straight.

Take the stuff left at the bottom of your other candles and throw it in the can, you can also buy votive candles and break them up.  Do that until you have as many as you wish.  I usually fill it to the top.

In another coffee can over a pan halfway filled with water, (double boiler style) melt some plain wax.  I buy it at the grocery store in the canning section or buy white emergency candles. 

Drop (pour)  the melted wax in the can, until about an inch from the top.  Use a wooden dowel  to carefully stir up the wax to remove the air bubbles.  

Have some extra wax handy, because when the candle hardens it shrinks and you'll end up with a big hole in the middle.  Top off the candle with wax as needed and let cool completely.

A milk carton

Glue the wick to the bottom, and add a small amount of wax to seal any holes (just in case) dump your leftover wax pieces, add the melted wax, and when cooled, simple tear the carton apart....that's it!

Hints for the milk carton candle:

If you put the candle in your freezer, you'll get a beautiful crackle effect on you candle.

If you add ice cubes to the carton while the wax is still melted, you'll get a funky flower petal candle, since the ice will melt leaving holes in your candle  Don't forget the tear off the carton in the kitchen sink.




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