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Potpourri Balls

  • Styrofoam balls or eggs
  • potpourri of you choice
  • white or tacky glue
  • waxed paper

For a 6" ball or smaller, pour a cup of potpourri into a glass or ceramic ball,
anything larger than rose petals should be crushed in a blender.

Coat a small area of the ball with a thick layer of glue, dip the coated area
into the bowl of potpourri and press hard, continue covering small areas of the
ball until completely covered, you might want to let the area dry before moving
on to the next.

Wrap the wax paper around ball and press firmly to flatten out the potpourri as
much as possible, allowed to dry, display in a basket or bowl and refresh scent
with potpourri oil or add ribbon and hang as a kissing ball for valentine's day.




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