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Easy Center Piece
Lottie, Florida

Materials needed:
  • straight pins 
  • 1 round Styrofoam form 
  • 1 round flower ring
  •  tulle netting 
  • glue gun 
  • large pillar candle
  • glue gun glue 
  • ribbon

*for wedding pieces*

  • baby's breath, 
  • (artificial) doves, 
  • wedding rings, etc. 
  • small ornaments

Use the colors that you like. I did this centerpiece for my nephew's wedding.  Their theme was red and white.

Carefully cover the Styrofoam with the tulle netting.  Using the glue gun, glue it down on the bottom.  Make it nice and tight, but be very careful - this will burn your fingers! 

Cover the side of the form with the ribbon.  Again, the glue is very hot.

Wait for the glue to dry completely.

Center the flower ring on the Styrofoam form. Pin it down, and glue around the underneath carefully. 

Weave the baby's breath and ornaments throughout the flower ring. 

Place pillar candle in the center of the ring. 

If you like you can place the form in a round bowl, if you don't want it freestanding.




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