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~t's  Forever Growth Chart


  • 1 fence board. (about $1.15 at a lumber store)

  • 1 can spray paint to match your decor

  • paints, stencils, or items to cut out and decoupage to match your decor 

  • and Mod Podge to seal it all. 

  • Sponge brush

  • Sand paper, large grit and fine grit

  • tack cloth

  • a yard stick

  • a black, fine point marker

First you will want to sand your board really well with the large grit sand paper. Then, go to a fine grit paper and sand it again.  You need it smooth, but not too smooth.  

A tack cloth is a cloth treated with wax or chemicals that enables it to get up all of the dust.  Go over your board with a tack cloth to remove  all of the dust from sanding. 

Now, spray paint the board. I find that spray painting the front sides and back make it a lot easier to deal with.

Decorate your board to match your decor.  If you are using the Noah's Ark Nursery theme in the baby's room and plan to keep the board there, then you might want to do the board in a Noah's Ark Theme.

You can free hand paint, use stencils or you can cut out paper to decoupage the board. 

When you are completely done decorating the board,  seal it completely with the Mod Podge.  Be sure not to get the Mod Podge on the lid or on the lip as it will seal shut and you will never get it open again. 

When the Mod Podge is dry, lay your board on a flat surface.  Using the Yard Stick and black fine point marker, mark the feet and inches along one side of the board. 

Now, you may hang the board.  If you are going to keep it in one place permanently, then you may elect to screw it into a stud on the wall.  If not, you can get a picture frame hanger set at any hardware or hobby store.

Your growth chart can move with you or can be given to your child when he/she has children of their own.




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