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Easter Pots

  • 4 inch clay pot
  • 4 inch clay pot bottom 
  • pink acrylic paint
  • white acrylic paint
  • blue acrylic paint
  • Mod Podge decoupage medium
  • scissors
  • 1 sponge, an unused kitchen sponge is terrific
  • sponge paint brush
  • a paper plate or butter lid to put the paint on
  • Paper towels
  • Easter paper, or some sort of Easter pictures. (I found these in a kids' magazine.)

Paint the entire clay pot and bottom white. Coat twice. Let it dry.

Cut the sponge into two small squares.

Pour the pink paint and the blue paint onto the paper plate. Be sure to keep the colors separate.

Dab a sponge square into the pink paint.  Lightly dab it onto a paper towel to make sure there is no excess paint.

Now, using the sponge, dab a checkerboard pattern on the rim of the 4 inch clay pot.  

Repeat with the blue.  (See picture above.)

Alternate pink and blue across the rim of the bowl.

Let it dry.

Cut out the Easter Bunnies or Easter decorations you plan to use.

Decide where you plan to place the cut outs.  

Very carefully pour some of the Mod Podge into a butter lid or some other disposable tray.  Wipe off the lip of the Mod Podge container before you close it. Otherwise, it will be sealed forever! (Believe me, I have 2 jars I can't open!)

With the sponge brush, lightly brush Mod Podge on the back of the cut outs.  Place them on the pot where you want them.

Now, get quite a bit of Mod Podge on your sponge brush.

Paint the entire pot, inside and out, (and over the cut outs) with Mod Podge.

Do the pot bottom as well.

This seals the paint and the cutouts.  

Let it dry well.

I put some floral green styrofoam stuff (sorry, can't think of what to call it.) in the bottom of this.  I hot glued some Easter Basket Grass to the top of that.

Then, I take skewers and cut them to different lengths.

Cut leaves out of green paper or felt or use left over leaves from artificial flowers.

Glue the leaves onto the skewers leaving the top free.

I bought a set of small Easter tree decorations and hot glued them to the top of the skewers.

Stick them into the floral foam in the pot.  If you wish, you may fill in with baby's breath, or artificial flowers.

It costs very little and really is cute.




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