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Painted Cans
terri, Texas

We are having a large party here right after the 4th of July. I can't afford to spend much to decorate, so I am having to improvise.

I took several different sized cans, took the labels off and washed them out really well. 

Then, I painted them white. I had to use several coats of the acrylic craft white to cover each can well.

Next, I took a normal, clean sponge and cut a bar or rectangular shape. I dipped the sponge into red paint and sponge painted red stripes on the cans.

I let that dry completely.

I cut a star shape out of another clean sponge.  Strangely enough, I found that using my hubby's pruning shears worked better than any of the scissors I had when it came to cutting the sponges! (But, please, don't tell him!)

With the stars, I sponged a few blue stars over the red and white stripes.  Since my stars were rather large, my veggie cans only had 3 stars on them. 

I plan to put the plastic ware, napkins and other such stuff in the larger veggie cans. I plan to use the large tuna cans as candy dishes. I will put a matching napkin in before I put the candy in! :) 




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