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Recycled Shadow Box
Valkyrie, Japan



  • 1 heart shape valentine's candy box 
  • wall paper or wrapping paper 
  • 7/8 wide satin ribbon 
  • decorative braid lace 
  • dried flowers 
  • embellishments as desired 
  • glue gun & sticks 
  • craft glue

To make one shadow box, use either the top or bottom of the box.  

To cover the box, remove any lace, ribbons or flowers from the box, carefully cut off lip that extends past edge of box.  

To cover the inside of the box, place box on wrong side of the paper and trace around the box.  

To cover the outside, place box on second piece of paper, measure depth of the box, add 1/2 inch.  Draw a second heart onto paper, using depth measurement. Cut a strip of paper long enough to fit around inside of the box. 

To cover outside of box, using large paper heart, center heart on wrong side of paper.  Glue the back of heart to paper.

To cover outside edges, fringe excess paper around heart by cutting slits from edge of paper to bottom edge of box every 1 inch. Folding paper fringe upward, glue paper fringe to sides of box, over top edge, and inside of box. Overlapping paper as needed, glue paper strip around inside edge. 

Glue remaining heart to inside of the box, embellished the box by covering the outside edge with sating ribbon.  Glue decorative braid to the box's rim. 

 Make a paper fan out of contrasting paper and secure with ribbon.  

Arrange dried flowers.

Add any mementoes you would like.

Hang on the wall or display on a plate stand.

You can do quite a few different variations 

BABY: copy the birth certificate or footprints to line the box, decorate with baby booties and miniature baby bottles and baby things

GIRLS: use victorian wallpaper to line the box, glue a piece of fabric to the cap of a liquid detergent bottle to make a mini table, arrange two mini teddy bears for a tea party.

WEDDING: line box with wedding invitations, use part of the wedding bouquet and favors to decorate the box.

NOTE: I made a set of 2 victorian shadow boxes for my daughters room, I arranged them on her wall close together, added a floral swag on top, and added two candle sconces on each side.




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