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Dried Apple Wreath 
Valkyrie, Japan


  • 1 cup undiluted lemon juice 
  • 2 tsp salt 
  • 3-5 large firm red apples (cortlands) 
  • clear acrylic spray 
  • 3 yrds forest green twisted paper ribbon untwisted (or favorite color) 
  • 12 inch diameter straw wreath 
  • glue gun 
  • floral wire 


  • small bowl or cake pan, 
  • sharp knife, 
  • cake rack or broiler pan, 
  • newspapers 
  • scissors

Pour lemon juice in bowl, add salt and stir until dissolved.

Slice apples horizontally into thick 1/4 inch slices. Each apple should yield 3-4 slices with the star design created by the sliced core

Select the best 12 slices. Soak them in lemon juice for 5 minutes, make sure both sides get coated.  

Remove slices from bowl and place single layer on paper towel, pat with more paper towels to absorb the moisture. 

Place slices in cake rack in a 120oF to 170oF oven for 6 hours.  Shift apples slightly during baking so they won't stick to the pan.  

Remove and cool, lay dried slices on newspaper.  Spray with 2 coats clear acrylic coating, letting them dry between coats. Turn over and repeat.

Cut 2 yards from ribbon and wind it evenly around straw wreath. Glue ends with the glue gun.

Make a 2 loop bow with remaining ribbon, trim and cut notches in the ends.  

Glue bow to center bottom of the wreath then, glue apple slices evenly around wreath slightly overlapping the edges, 

Attach a loop of floral wire to the back of wreath at the top.





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