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Valentine's Day "Bouquet"
Valkyrie, Japan

for a dozen roses

  • 22 Hershey's kisses (color of choice)

  • 2 mini peanut butter cups (Reese's) 

  • cellophane wrapping paper (color of choice) 

  • 31 inches of 2 inch wide ribbon (color of choice) 

  • 5 yards of 20 gauge craft wire green floral tape 

  • silk leaves (optional)

cut 12 3 inch squares from cellophane paper.

From craft wire cut 12 10 inch pieces and 3 18 inch pieces, set the 18 inch pieces apart.

For one rosebud, bend one end of a 10 inch piece of craft wire into a small loop, place loop at center bottom of candy kiss.  Bend wire over edge of candy kiss and down side, place second candy kiss, flat ends together on to top of first kiss. 

Center one 3 inch square of cellophane paper over top of rosebud.  Fold paper over rosebud, tightly wrapping paper around bottom of rosebud.  Secure paper below rosebud with transparent tape around wire stem.

Wrap wire stem with floral tape, make 10 rosebuds in all. 

For open roses, use a peanut butter cup upside down, for bottom of rose. Attach wire to peanut butter cup in the same way as rosebuds, place flat side of candy kiss on top of peanut butter cup, in same way as rosebuds. 

Attach cellophane and wrap wire stems, for spirals. 

Wrap each 18 inch piece of wire with floral tape, tightly coil wire around a pencil, leaving 7 inches uncoiled. Carefully remove pencil. 

With a glue gun, glue leaves to stems. 

Holding rosebuds and roses together at different heights, twist stems together, arrange spirals through out the arrangement. 

Twist spiral stems around rose stems, cut 2 15 inch squares from cellophane paper.

Stack squares together. 

Place bouquet so that the top of the roses are 3 inches from one corner.

Fold bottom corners of paper upwards over stems.

Wrap paper around roses, forming a cone. Tightly wrap transparent tape around bundle to secure. 

Tie ribbon into a 2 loop bow around stems.




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