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Christmas Countdown

Laila, Canada

My son brought home a cute little craft from school. 
It is so easy even young children can do it all by themselves!

First let them draw Santa Claus, or you can do it, or even find a picture from a magazine and glue it on a piece of paper. Or find one on the net and print it out and let your child color it! The possibilities are endless! Just make sure Santa Claus' hand is up in the air, so he can hold something. Below Santa Claus (or beside him) this is what they wrote: How soon will Christmas Day be here? I know that it is very near. With this chain I count each day. Each night I cut a loop away. Until no loops are left. Christmas Day that's the best!

Next make paper chain, looped together either using glue, tape or staples. My son used red/green colors representing the Christmas colors. Now, the amount of loops depend on the days to Christmas. For every night before they go to bed they will cut off one loop, till Christmas! The chain is attached to Santa Claus' hand! Have fun with countdown!



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