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Flowering Candles
Michelle, California 


  • Fat, white or off-white, scented or unscented cylindrical candle (3 inches or more in diameter looks best)    
  • 1 box of clear paraffin wax

  • baking pan (big enough to hold the candle)

  • pressed flowers

  • tweezers

  • paper towel (to wipe up any accidental spills

  • old paint brush (optional)

 Begin by planning how you want to arrange the pressed flowers around the candle.

Place a cube of paraffin wax in the baking pan and melt it over low heat on the stovetop.

With your fingertips, hold the candle on each end and touch part of the candle to the surface of the hot wax.  Dip only one section of the candle at a time, but work quickly because the paraffin begins to cool immediately after you remove it from the wax.

Be careful not to let your fingers touch the wax because it will burn.

Lift a flower with the tweezers and place it onto the candle where the hot wax has made contact.  Press it in place using the tweezers and tap it down carefully.

If the paraffin begins to cool before you can add all the flowers to the candle, dip the candle into the hot paraffin again.  keep dipping and adding flowers to the sides of the candle.

When all the flowers are on the candle, hold each end of the candle with your fingers again and roll the flower-covered candle over the surface of the hot wax so that the flowers are lightly coated.  Do this step quickly  to avoid  a wax buildup.  The more quickly you work the smoother the candle surface will be.

Do not submerge the candle.  let only the surface of the candle touch the wax.  An alternative method to rolling the candle into the paraffin is to dip an old paintbrush into the hot wax and brush it over the surface.  Then lay the flowers on the wax and use the paintbrush to coat another layer of wax over the flowers.

Place the pan of paraffin in the refrigerator to return it to a solid state so that you can easily remove it to use it again.  Or you may want to pour the hot paraffin into a smaller can and put the can into the refrigerator to let the wax harden.

** tips ** 

Melting wax will ruin your pan if you melt it right in a pan. If you have an old large, wide and deep vegetable can,  use it. This way, you can either reuse it or throw it away when you are done.  

Always put the can in a pot of water and then melt the wax.




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