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Filigree Carved Pumpkin
Michelle, California


  • Pumpkin 

  • Pumpkin saw or serrated knife 

  • Linoleum cutting tools 

  • Kitchen knife 

  • Large spoon 

  • Fine pointed marker 

  • Small candle 

Skill Level: beginner 

Size: Pumpkin is as desired 

Directions: Draw wavy line around top of pumpkin, just below stem. 

Using pumpkin saw, cut along this line to remove top of pumpkin, forming lid. 

Using kitchen knife, cut out stem to make hole in lid. 

Scoop out seeds and flesh with spoon, leaving thin shell.

Draw a pattern on outside of pumpkin. 

Using linoleum-cutting tools, cut along pattern lines. 

Place candle in center; light candle to ensure that light shines through flesh. 

Draw and cut out additional motifs on lid. 

Place candle in center, light candle, then replace lid.





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