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 Laura  aka  Crazy Cookie
West Virginia

You will need

a styrofoam cone
About 1 yard of fabric
Some lace

Angel/girl face and hands

Hot glue gun and glue

Piece of string
Pipe Cleaners


You can get every item above (except for material and lace) in the craft department of your local store.  

First measure out how much material you will need to cover the cone.  Cut to fit and hot glue onto it.  Trim around the bottom.

Then take the head. Put some hot glue on the bottom and onto the cone.  Fit the head down onto the top of the cone.  Press firmly to make sure it sticks.

Cut the pipe cleaners of equal length to make arms.  Take a hand and a piece of the pipe cleaner you had just cut.  Put hot glue into the hand and stick your pipe cleaner into it.  Then take the other end and place where they should go for arms on the cone.  Do this for the other arm as well.  Just make sure that you get the right hands on the right side of the body of the cone.

Wrap fabric around where the shoulders would be on the angel.  On this angel I just criss crossed it across the waist and tied with some ivory colored string/thread. 

I hot glued some lace around the bottom of the material at the bottom of the cone.  And I hot-glued some around the collar of the wrap. 

I stapled the wings together and then hot glued them onto the back of the angel.  





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