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Valentine's Day Coupons


  Of all the gifts I've given my husband, this one was his favorite, the cost  - $1.00

  • red construction paper

  • pen or markers

Cut the construction paper into hearts, squares or lips.

Write with the marker "This coupon is good for:..."

Suggestions for the coupons

1. A body massage
2. One car wash
3. Breakfast in bed
4. Absolute ownership of the remote control for one day
5. one night you will never forget
6. one night of your deepest desires
7. free foot rub
8. free wish
9. make out session for one hour

Use your imagination and add expiration dates and restrictions for the things you are not willing to do, Do as many as you want, I did 365, one for everyday of the year, trust me you will both benefit from it.

I taped the coupons all over the bathroom after my husband went to sleep, he was very surprised when he got up in the morning to get ready for work and found the bathroom covered with red heart coupons.

Make sure you place the coupons somewhere where the kids are not likely to see them.

Have Fun!

P.S. The next year I received 365 coupons from my husband!





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