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Crackle Frame

  • Old Frame
  • White Glue or crackle medium
  • Paint brush
  • white paint
  • 2 colors of acrylic paint
  • hair dryer
  • water


The first color is the color that's going to show through the cracks, the second color is the one that will be seen, The first color can be a matching color or contrast color from the color on top. Make sure there is enough contrast between the two colors or it will be hard to see the color of the cracks.

Prime the frame with white paint, let it dry, Paint the frame with the first color. This is the color that's going to show through when the frame crackles, let it dry.

Water down the white glue, enough to make it easy to brush. Brush over frame, Let it get tacky (about 1 hour). 

Apply the second color over the glue.

If you want large cracks, apply the second color kind of thick, if you want smaller cracks, apply it thinly.

Don't brush it to much or the brush will pull the paint off.

Use a hair dryer to dry the paint or let it dry by itself.

It will start crackling as the frame is drying.

Crackling works very good on old pieces of furniture, the cracks in the
paint can hide a lot of imperfections in the wood.




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