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Pasta Angels


My kids made these pins for their friends at school.

  • bow tie pasta

  • acrylic paint, favorite colors

  • pony beads or wooden beads (flesh colored)

  • yarn scraps

  • gold wire

  • mini ribbon roses

  • mini pin backs

  • glue gun and sticks


Paint one bow tie pasta (that'll be the wings). 

Break another bow tie pasta in half.  Paint it and glue it to the bottom center of the wings (that'll be the skirt)

Glue the pony bead to the top center of the wings.  (that'll be the head)  Paint 2 dots on the bead for eyes or use a marker. 

Glue in a scrap of yarn on top of the bead for the hair. 

Make a loop with the wire and glue it to the top of the hair.

Take a ribbon rose and glue it in the center between the skirt and the wings.

Glue in the pin back.  




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