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Halloween Table Settings


  • navy blue felt 36x36

  • black felt 36x36

  • 1 sheet of white felt

  •  sheet of gray felt

  • wooden stars assorted sizes or star buttons (at least 15), painted silver

  • 2 tassels silver

  • acrylic paints white and gray/silver

  • spray adhesive

  • black or glow in the dark seed beads (opt)

 Table Runner & Placemats

First cut the navy felt in half, spray the adhesive on the ends and fold the
ends under until you get a tapered end like this <.

Repeat with other side.  The ends should look like this now < >.

Cut assorted size bats from felt (use the computer to get patterns), use the biggest ones to use like place mats.   (I had to enlarge the pattern and print half a bat per page then tape it together to get a big one.)

Cut out a moon out of white felt .  Cut a half moon out of silver or gray felt. Glue the gray half moon over the white moon. 

Glue the moon to the runner letting the top of the moon stick out from the runner. 

Arrange the bats and stars on the runner and glue.

Optional Decoration:  Use a sponge to sponge paint silver and white on the bottom of the moon to simulate fog.

Glue the tassels under the tapered ends. 

Taper your leftover blue felt just like the first one.  Glue it to the bottom of your runner. 

Sew the beads on the bats for eyes, now you are all done! 

You can use it for regular eating but I don't recommend it since everything is glued on and the bigger bats are not as big as real placemats, but it looks cool.  :)




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