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Halloween Hanging!



  • craft foam

  • dimensional paint

  • glow in the dark paint (opt)

  • ribbon or thin wire

  • glue gun

This idea came from my 9 yr old son, he wanted something to hang on his bedroom door for Halloween.

We went online and did a search for a coloring book pumpkin (after I vetoed the 3 headed blood dripping monster.)

We enlarged it to fit a sheet of orange craft foam, traced it.

We cut triangles out of yellow craft foam for the nose and eyes and a circle for the mouth, made a stem out of green craft foam. 

We outlined and added details with the dimensional paint and glow in the dark paint. 

While it dried we did a search for a banner.  (A rectangular piece of white foam will do,  too).  We traced it and cut it out,.  He wrote with dimensional paint "Happy Halloween".  He drew spiders hanging from the letters.

After it all dried,  we used a hole punch to make holes on the banner and the sides of the pumpkin and attached it with orange ribbon and that's it!

It's ready to hang........unless your kid is like my kid.  He decided that the pumpkin needed a mask.

Here's what we did...

ZORRO- a strip of black foam with holes for the eyes
MARDI GRAS- did a search for masks, traced it onto craft foam, cut and decorated with sequins, glitter and feathers
PIRATE- a patch made out black foam and trace the top half of the pumpkin in red foam for a bandana , he painted white dots on it.
VAMPIRE- 2 black foam triangles (collar) attached to the bottom of the pumpkin
and tiny fangs added to the mouth.

We used Velcro dots to attach the "costumes"

You can also make a ghost, black cat, bat, etc..
and if you are really talented a three headed blood dripping monster :)





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