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How To Stencil


BASIC- Tape the stencil to the area you are decorating, hold the stencil brush like a pencil, dip it in the paint and tap the bristles on a piece of paper until almost dry, apply paint to stencil using an up and down motion and continue in circles until all the area is filled in, don't forget to clean your brush between colors and let the colors dry before changing colors.

SPRAY- Tape down the stencil and cover your work area with newspaper, apply fast drying spray paint with a back and forth motion, filling stencil image, remove paper after the paint dries, you'll get a soft blurry edge using this method.

SHADED- Start out using the basic method just on the bottom of your stencil, as you go up start adding white to your paint, the higher you go up the more white you should add, when its almost pure white, use the basic method and add a second color full strength.

3D- Mix 3 shades (dark, medium, light) of the same color, using the basic method paint the whole stencil with the medium shade, add the light shade to some sections ( just the top or right or left side) add the dark shade to the rest (very bottom, left or right bottom etc.).




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