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How To Decoupage



Carefully, with small scissors, cut out the pictures you have chosen for your piece.  Turn the picture as you cut, so you can get smooth edges -  never turn the scissors.

When you have finished cutting your pictures, try arranging them on your piece to give you an idea as to how you want it to look.

Mix equal parts of water and white glue, or use Decoupage Medium or Mod Podge.  Put glue mixture in small glass bowl  With a paintbrush, paint a small area of your piece with the glue and lay a picture you have chosen.

You can start anywhere you choose. If you have a particularly large picture that you want to be the main focus of your piece, put it near the center of your piece and start from there, working outward to the rim.

Keep doing it the same way, until the piece is entirely covered with pictures. Overlap edges of each picture with the succeeding picture. For example, if you have a portrait of a person, and a small picture of a flower, overlap the flower on the person's hair, or put it on the bottom corner.

To seal the edges, apply a thin coat of varnish and let dry. When it is dry, you can use fine grit sand paper, to gently sand the pictures, particularly the overlapped edges, until you have a smooth finish (but for some reason I've never had to do that). Try not to sand away the color of the pictures.

Apply a thick coat of varnish to the finished piece.

That's it! Now you'll look at scraps of wallpapers, greeting cards and calendars in a new way.

If the picture you got your heart set on is too thick, start at the corner and try to peel the backing if it gets too stubborn, use a cotton ball dipped in vinegar, the wetter it gets the easier it should be to peel off, make sure its dry before using it




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