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Painted Tiles


What you need:

  • tiles from your local hardware store (as many as you want but at least 3)

  • foam stamps or large design stamps

  • porcelain paint

  • porcelain paint pens

  • detail brush

  • twine or ribbon

Clean tiles, and drill a hole either in the top center or on each corner.

Stir the paint, paint onto stamp using foam brush and porcelain paint, stamp tile. Repeat for other tiles.

Using Porcelain Paint Pen fill in spaces and accent designs as desired.

Allow tiles to dry for 24 hours. Following the directions on the paint bottle bake the tiles, usually I bake the tiles for 35 minutes at 300 to 350 degrees.

Find the center of the twine/ribbon thread it thru the holes in the tiles starting with the last one leaving as much space as you want between tiles, finished it off with a bow and hang.

LEAVES- use a different leaf stamp per tile, glue some silk leaves to the bow.

ORIENTAL- use Kanji stamps and add the English translation to the bottom corner of the tiles, add bamboo and cherry blossoms to the bow.

CRACKLE- brush on acrylic crackle for a different look

You can also personalized it for weddings, holidays, teacher's presents, gifts etc... there's no limit to all the things you can do with tiles.

You can also decoupage the tiles but I've found you get better results by
using stamps.

P.S. save your leftover tiles, glue them onto pieces of cork and you can
make matching coasters or trivets.





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