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Book Marks

This is the last of the back to school crafts, foster the love of reading with these "cool" bookmarks.

  • Craft Foam, Assorted colors
  • wiggle eyes
  • mini pompoms
  • glitter
  • ribbons
  • beads
  • popsicle sticks
  • glue gun

First thing to do is go online and find easy to draw pictures of the kids favorites things. This is a good site  My kids printed out the Pokemon coloring pictures.  

We traced them onto craft foam.  

We used the colored pictures on the site to make out the colors.  

Added the details.  

Glued on wiggle eyes and glued the Pokemon to the craft sticks.

Here are some variations...

Trace the pokemon/whatever  onto the craft foam.  Then trace just the head onto another piece of foam.  Then cut out and attach to where the head would be, it gives the bookmark a more dimensional look.

Use the mini pompoms on the cheeks.  This looks great on cats and dogs

Cut out some stars out of craft foam.  Drill a hole on the popsicle stick and with thin wire make a wand with stars going in all directions and decorate with glitter.

Again using coloring book pictures, trace a mouse decorate.  Glue a ribbon or chenille stem to the back of it and attach a foam piece of cheese.

Use your imagination!  They might not suddenly turn into bookworms, but they'll take pride in something they made themselves with a little help from mom.





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