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#1 Teacher

#1 Teacher

Tacky Glue
7 wooden blocks spelling out teacher (the kind of blocks toddlers play with)
1 mini wooden chalkboard
2-3 miniature books open and closed
scraps of jute twine
5 miniature apples
1 2 1/2 inch tall miniature bear or other animal
6 inches 1/8-inch wide red satin Ribbon
1 2 inch tall straw basket
scraps of lace (for the bear collar)
Spanish moss
white, red and assorted acrylic paints

Paint #1 on the chalkboard with White acrylic paint.

Paint the apples Red. When dry, glue a small piece of jute onto each apple
as a stem.

Paint the books assorted colors, Paint pages white, put a title on the
books if desired. 

Glue the blocks together spelling out teacher. 

Glue the lace collar around the bear. 

Tie the ribbon into a bow, then glue it over the bear's left ear. 

Position the bear on top of the blocks propped next to the chalkboard, then glue it in place. 

Glue Spanish moss in the basket, then three apples in the moss. 

Glue the basket on the blocks.

Glue the books and one apple on the blocks.

Glue the remaining apple in the bear's hand.

Note: This project can be adapted for a child, simply change the blocks to
spell student and use mini school supplies instead of apples.




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