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Teacher's Survival Kit

Put all of the items listed below in the cup.  

Write the messages on construction paper and decorate with curling ribbon or glitter.  

Or separate and make a list and attach to the items.  Place them in a small clear party bag or gather cellophane around them. 

Now gather the top of the bag with the ribbon and tie so that the instructions are nicely visible and the ribbon looks pretty.


Mounds:  For the mounds of stuff you teach.

Crayon:  To color your day.

Peanuts:  To get a little nutty.
(**Note from editor: Make sure the peanuts are sealed. If the teacher or anyone is in the class, open peanuts are a major allergy hazard.)

Band-Aid:  For when things get a little rough.

Marbles:  To replace those you might lose from time to time.

Sponge:  To soak up the overflow, when your brain is too full.

Puzzle Piece:  Without you, things wouldn't be complete.

Lifesaver:  For when you've had one of those days.

Hugs & Kisses:  To make everything all worthwhile.

Bath Salts:  "To take you away"  You deserve a quiet break.

Cup:  For when yours is overflowing.





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