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Memory Quilts  
Michelle, California

This is a project I am currently working on.  At the craft store, you can find something called Computer Crafts.  They have many different projects you can do, one is a memory quilt.  It comes with the software you will need, as well as a pre-made quilt, the papers you will print on and instructions.  

Basically,  you scan your pictures, then you use the software given to design whatever look you want for those pictures, there are many options.  You print the pictures out on the paper given. 

 It feels like its woven, not sure what it is.  

Anyway, then you iron the pictures onto the quilt, add other little things to decorate, such as ribbons, beads etc. 

 Put the batting in and tie the quilt.   

I am sewing the pictures on to make sure they don't fall off, I don't have a sewing machine, so have to do it by hand.




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