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Terra Cotta Wind Chimes

  • 3 terra cotta pots, 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small.

  • Craft Paints (acrylics)

  • Jute Twine

  • 4 large beads,  they must be bigger than the holes in the terra cotta pots.

Place the pots on your craft area upside down. (the large opening is at the bottom.)

Paint the 3 pots with the acrylic paints. Let the child go nuts! Paint whatever you favorite theme is... flowers, apples, bees... etc.

Cut a 2 foot length of Jute twine.

Tie a bead 1 inch from the bottom.  

String the smallest pot so that it's upside down with the 2nd bead inside the pot. The first bead should be hanging right about at or just below the lip of the pot.

Tie another bead 3 to 4 inches above the small pot.   String the medium pot to rest on the 3rd bead.  

Tie the last bead 4-5 inches above that.  String the large pot to rest on that bead.    Tie the jute just above the pot.  

Loop off and tie it so that it will hang.

Hang out doors.





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