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Reading Tree
Goodmama, California

 Here's a project to help motivate your child to read and to help him/her keep track of everything read. 

Provide your child with a piece of white butcher paper about 6 ft. long. 

Lay it on a hard floor (kitchen floor) and tape the ends down with masking tape loops (you may want to lay newspaper down first, in which case you'll have to tape the newspaper to the floor, and then the butcher paper to the newspaper). 

Have your child create a tree, TRUNK AND BRANCHES ONLY. 

This tree should be just about as tall as the paper and can be colored with crayons, colored pencils, paints or markers. 

Remember: NO LEAVES. 

When the picture is complete, hang it up on a big, empty wall (might need to use staples to keep it up). 

Every time your child finishes a book a leaf is added to the tree (even if you read it to your child or you read it together). 

Your child can draw and cut out a new leaf each time, changing colors if desired. Each leaf should be large enough on which to write the name and author of the book. 

As the months go by, your child will see his/her tree bloom! 

One year we had quite an autumn tree with green, gold, red, orange and brown leaves! 

Happy reading!





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