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Cross stitching
Michelle, California

   One day I was sitting at my computer wishing I could think of something to look for.  My husband always surfs around, but I can't ever seem to get into just looking for nothing....but I thought maybe, just maybe I could start looking for cross stitch patterns.  So, I did a search, under cross stitch, and of course had tons of hits, which I honestly didn't expect.  Who would have thought that there would be websites on Cross stitching :)  I sure didn't.      A lot of the places I was hitting were about businesses, and how you could order from them, but being that I'm a cheapskate, I didn't want to have to buy anything.  
    So, I went ahead and tried a search for free cross stitch, and they actually had tons of sites for that too...Heaven for me :)  Of course, I had to bookmark all of these sites...then my computer crashed :( Well, I got smart this time, I started writing the URLs down in a little index card book.  
    Now when I have time I enjoy sitting at my computer and going to these sites, as well as printing out these free patterns.  I figure no one can have too many cross stitch patterns.  Of course,  there are tons of sites that I haven't even hit yet, but I will, one day.  I figure this is a way for me to get my creative juices flowing, seeing all the different patterns that are out there.  
    I have my favorite sites, these are sites that are just links to all the WebPages that have free patterns.  Now, if I could just find the time to work on all the new patterns I have.  I figure after I get all these free patterns that I like, I will start looking at the sites that have the patterns for $1 or so.  This way I can spend more on DMC floss and other materials.  I am always looking for a good cross stitch website


Here are some of Michelle's favorite sites:

Ellen Maurer-Stroh Cross stitch Design

Cross Stitch Resources

Free Charts



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