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October 6 2006 - The long awaited 4th release from the Lolas is here! Get your copy of Doctor Apache
at CD Baby!
You can listen to samples there too.

Also, get these fabulous Lolas t-shirts, baseball jerseys and trucker hats at Café Press.

April 3 2005 Mike Bennett's review  of  2004's  Something You Oughta Know

April 16 2004 Goran Obradovic's review of Something You Oughta Know

April 7 2004 Aloha Poprock interview with Tim Boykin

Februaray 19 2004: The Lolas' third album, Something You Oughta Know,
is now available on Jam Records, featuring 15 brand new original songs by the Timmeh.
The best way to get it is to order directly from Jam.

Jump to the sounds page to hear an mp3 from the new album!


March 7 2004: The Lolas play Nashville IPO at The End. Our set start time is 9:00 pm.

In November 2002 the Lolas made a week long tour of Japan.
We had an incredible time, everybody was super nice!
We also got to see/hear a bunch of excellent Japanese bands,
among them Salt Water Taffy, The Playmates, Sunbeams,
Nudge 'Em All, Rocket K, Eleki Bass, Short Circuit, Nine Six Down.
We played shows in Osaka and Tokyo....

Our visit was made possible by our good friend Daisuke,
who runs the Wizzard In Vinyl label. The tour coincided
with the Wizzard/Japan release of Ballerina Breakout,
the first Lolas LP from 1999.
We had a blast at all the shows.
They would have a party
in the clubs afterwards. Japanese fans are on the case when it comes to partying, no lie.
Japan is an amazing country, quite different from the USA.
There's almost no crime, people are very polite, and adults
read comics like Americans read the TV guide. Food was
really good everywhere we went, and you could get hot
Coffee Boss out of machines, as well as beer
(the drinking age is 12).

KSK8, a 22 year old Japanese artist who
works at Wizzard In Vinyl created this card
for us the night before we flew home. He has
also illustrated the Japan version of Ballerina
Breakout and done some killer artwork for
7"s available from Wizzard In Vinyl.

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