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LOLAS – Something you oughta know (Jam; 2004)

    After a pair of releases for the Japanese and Spanish melodic-buzz addicts, Tim Boykin is back to provide the awaited new dose for his own natives. As usual, like a kind of a pop-obsessed time-travelling manic, he jumps back and forth, from decade to decade, with such an incredible ease, still making it all sound fresh and new. The opening “We’re going down to the boathouse” and “Let’s keep talking” will make you see the “byrds” flying all over the place, “Dana the chromium girl” is an early-Who pop-artistry, “Little Deedra” comes out like a “sweet” sounding Status Quo boogie, goin’ glam’n’glitter, while “End of the summer”, not surprisingly, sounds like The Ramones backing The Beach Boys on some of their early odes to the given time of the year … all of them adding a moderndaze punch, taking the whole thing right into the new millenium. “Jungle girl” and “Master cat” are a pair of farfi-sized mid’60s garage punkers, sounding like a dose of west-coast harmonies being put into the “music machine”. They rarely slow it down, but when they do, it’s nothing less than special, like the mellotron-ized “Light up every doorway”, a moment that even the synthetic strings cannot spoil, or the closing late sixties proggy Britsike “Ingrid has a plan”. There’s also a couple of songs that just can’t be described like nothing more but timeless-universal-pop-heaven, like the title tune or “Weird daughter”, and even the ones that I consider the “weakest” of the set, would’ve easily been the highlights of most of today’s power-pop releases.
    I just can’t help but return to the slogan that appeared on one of the Poptopia festivals of some years ago : “Tim Boykin for president!” ….. of anything … just to keep him around!

            Goran Obradovic / POPISM radio show; Serbia & Montenegro
something you oughta know