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Bushido Sound recording studio is located in Birmingham AL.
Bushido Records Ltd.!


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Here for fun are some sounds I've recorded recently, hope you enjoy them.
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Aubrey Beardsley

March 14th 2007

I re-uploaded this because I like the tune.
Aubrey Beardsley is a favorite visual artist of mine. He is mainly known for ink illustations he did for banned books in the late 19th century. His friend Oscar Wilde said he had "a face like a silver hatchet, and grass green hair." Of himself, Beardsley said "I have one aim—the grotesque. If I am not grotesque I am nothing."

Ramen Ghetto Chef II

February 17, 2006

An instrumental. I recorded an earlier version in Kristal, but wasn't happy with the drum sound; in an attempt to get a more ambient sound, I put the overheads way out in the room, away from the kit....bad idea. Now I know. So while Feb is a slow month, I took the opportunity to recut. Always a learning experience. At first, I had cut the bass guitar using an amp sim, which sounded impressive on my Tannoys and JBLs....but when I referenced on a pair of tiny computer speakers, the bass disappered, completely. Everything else sounded fine. So I recut the bass, this time with an SM57 on Alan Helms' GK 800RB through an Aguilar 4X10 enclosure.