Nonviolence Thoughtaction



5/15/2004 Important logic concerning right/left, Kerry and “need for clarity”…

Dated Ideas (I come up with a lot of ideas and I want to put them with their date on here in case anyone steals them. This does not mean that they are not already in use/developed somewhere, but in case they aren’t it seems I ought to record when I came up with them in case someone, well, “steals the idea”, basically. While I am not opposed to them being used, hopefully with benefit to others, I am more or less obligated to take credit where due.

          8/9/05 use of audio feedback to enhance efficacy of micro surgery (sounds can be variously learned, even if at times more on the order of the difficulty of reading an MRI, and specific techniques could be developed that depend on specific sounds (puncture in suture, etc.)



Thinking the possible “success” of the war on Iraq

The atomic bomb

The enconsructive self: the necessity of the creation of a new subjectivity…that really works

Peace activists? And can “we  be trusted? --- From a logic at Znet concerning how we can’t expect American troops to protect and serve Iraqis…can or should the same be said of peace activists concerning peace, stopping war, etc.?

Activism/actions should be done to defend Aristide---(See “Why They Had to Crush Aristide”)  The press has too easily portrayed him as corrupt, violent, etc. something has to be done about this image and false portrayal.



Old front  page/projects/writings, etc. Lots of projects, too many decent things (and associated people/lives) to burn like so many books

New project ideas/issues…including: Drunk driving, Pittsburgh covered bridge/hotel idea

Interactions… I take a text and interact with it in a semi-dialogue. Hard to say what the writer will have thought, unless she or he is invited to interact.


Logics... thoughts, unorganized but arising and belonging where they belong

The necessary hysteria of peace/nonviolence  (vis a vis “success” in Iraq): An antiwar commitment – and everyone already has this commitment to some degree – has an “hysterical” element (hysteron) of a kind of pulling away from substantive engagement; this is a parallel to the very same element in violence, but violence seeks to do harm (for whatever reason), while nonviolence seeks to prevent it (more…)