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the Soda Fizz e-Zine for Soda Memorabilia Collectors Worldwide

 July 3rd, 2004

ISSN: 1541-776X

The e-Zine for Soda Memorabilia Collectors Worldwide

Up for Grabs

For Sale:  2004 Coca-Cola Graduation Bottles.  $9.00 single, $12.00/pair postpaid in the USA.  Selected seam lines do not cross mortarboard; shipped full and capped. Contact: Mike Elling, 4042 Sidonia Rd., Sharon, TN  38255; Ph: (731) 973-4995; or E-mail.

From Richard Mix, Mix International: A complete list of all 2004 8oz Coke bottles can be found >> here << (courtesy of

From Blair Matthews, Editor of the Soda Pop Dreams Magazine : The third edition of The Soda Spectrum Series is here  - dedicated to Coca-Cola bottles and Coke bottle collectors. Check it out at: Also a new back issues 'super' cd is available now with Issues #1-28 on one great cd..... Check out our website for details!!  

Also if anyone else has bottles or other soda-related items to offer, E-mail and let us all know.

My Missing Items

From Blake : I am a Cheerwine collector here in North Carolina. I would like to ask if anyone has any old Cheerwine bottles they would like to sale?? I will pay top dollar for any bottles that I do not have. I would love to find some paper label Cheerwine bottles in good shape - it does not matter the year. I would love to get to know other collectors here in North Carolina. I hope to hear from everyone! Cheerwine's #1 Fan

From Ron, Chicago, Illinois: I am looking for a NuGrape shirt. E-mail me.

From John Gentry: I have an old Ward's Orange Crush dispenser, in good working order and good condition. Is anyone interested?  E-mail me

WANTED: William V. Seifert book 'Collecting Hobbleskirt Coca Cola Bottles' published by Carstarphen Publishing around 1978. Please email/mail price to : Doug McCoy, 2851 Milford View, Marietta, GA 30008; Ph: (770) 435-9138 or send E-mail.

In answer to a previous request for Crush Pineapple: 
    From Tucker: I live in Toronto, Canada and can buy Crush Pineapple right next door, but only in cans. It's very popular in Newfoundland, eastern Canada and can be purchased in any size, ie 2L bottles, cans etc. I'm originally from Newfoundland and we also have Crush Lime and Crush Birch Beer. Hope you find this info helpful!

Do you have a particular item, or items, that you have been looking for a long time to complete part of your collection, or something you want - but have not as yet been able to find? Send it so all of us can help you look. You never know where it may turn up! E-mail it to My Missing Item


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 Q & A


Q From Richard Crain: I recently returned from the Middle East with a few soda pop bottles that I would like to keep. I would also like to remove the English lettering and leave only the Arabic script. I've tried wire brushing, propane torches, razor knives, and finally harsh paint remover. None work. Does anyone have any suggestions for removing the painted logos on these bottles? 

Send any info to Remove Paint

Post your questions online @ the Question Forum. Also, feel free to answer too!

Please do send your best deals, favorite items, collecting stories, or trades etc. questions and comments to My Items
They are always welcome.

What's New?

The Coca-Cola Company announced its promotion of Chuck Fruit to the position of Chief Marketing Officer. Mr Fruit succeeds Daniel Palumbo, who is leaving the company to pursue other opportunities. Mr Fruit joined Coca-Cola in 1991 as head of Global Media services. Previously he spent 15 years with Anheuser-Busch Companies.

Coca-Cola announced that President Steve Heyer will leave the company in a few months as Neville Isdell takes his post as the new chairman and chief executive officer. No replacement has been named for Heyer who has joined Coca-Cola in March 2001 after his former post as the chief operating officer of Turner Broadcasting System.

E. Neville Isdell has assumed the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta. Mr. Isdell succeeds Douglas N Daft as the 12th Chairman of the Board of the Company.

Coca-Cola celebrated the groundbreaking of a new distribution and sales center in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area June 3rd. The 130,000-square-foot facility will be the second sales and distribution center for Coca-Cola in Phoenix. The new facility is expected to complete in Spring of 2005 and will initially employ 160 workers. The new center is located at the 400-acre Glendale Airpark west of Loop 101 and between Glendale and Northern Avenues.

Cott Corporation announced that it plans to build a new beverage manufacturing facility in the southwestern United States. The company expects to commence construction in the third quarter of 2004 and anticipates that the plant will be in full production by Q4 2005. It is expected to produce 40 million cases annually and employ approximately 130 people. This new plant increases the company's beverage manufacturing plants to nine in the United States and twenty worldwide.

Coca-Cola is to launch a new flavor for its Sprite brand in the Canadian market every year, the company said as it unveiled plans for the Sprite ReMix Berryclear launch in the country.

New bottles or cans, or anything soda, in your area ?
Please send the info so all of us can know @ Whats New

Upcoming Event Reminders:

UK Summer National 14th Annual Bottle & Advertising Show & Sale (Sat. 10 AM – 3 PM, early admission 8:30 AM, Sun. 10 AM – 2 PM) at the Elsecar Heritage Center, Building 21, just off the M1 junct.  36, Elsecar, England. INFO: BBR, Elsecar Heritage Center, Barnsley, S. Yorks., S74 8HJ, England, PH: 011-44-1226 745156, E-mail:

Midwest Antique Fruit Jar & Bottle Club’s Summer Show & Sale (Sun. 9 AM - 3 PM) at the Horizon Convention Center, High Street, Muncie, Indiana. INFO: NORMAN BARNETT, P. O. Box 38, Flat Rock, IN  47234, PH: (812) 587-5560 or DICK COLE, PH: (800) 428-5887.

JULY 16 - 17  -  RENO, NEVADA
Reno Antique Bottle & Collectible’s Club’s 42nd Annual Show & Sale (Sat. 9 AM – 3 PM, early admission Fri. Noon – 6 PM) at the Reno/Sparks Convention Center, 4590 S. Virginia St. (north entrance), Reno, Nevada. INFO:  WILLY YOUNG, PH: (775) 746-0922 or HELENE WALKER, PH: (775) 345-0171.

Shupp’s Grove 3rd Annual Bottle Festival (6 AM – dark Sat. & Sun.) at Shupp’s Grove in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. INFO: STEVE GUION, PH: (717) 560-9480 or JERE HAMBLETON, PH: (717) 393-5175, E-mail:  

Gulf Coast Bottle & Jar Club’s 35th Annual Show & Sale (Sat. 9 AM – 4 PM, early admission Fri. 6 PM) at the Houston Hobby Airport Marriott Hotel, 9100 Gulf Freeway, Houston, Texas. INFO: BARBARA PUCKETT, 907 W. Temple St., Houston, TX  77009, PH: (713) 862-1690, E-mail:

Vicksburg 7th Annual Antique Bottle Show & Sale (Sat. 8 AM – 4 PM) at the Battlefield Inn, 4137 N. Frontage Rd. (I-20 exit 4B), Vicksburg, Mississippi. INFO:  CASON SCHAFFER, 107 Eastview Dr., Vicksburg, MS  39183, PH: (601) 638-1195.

The largest Coca-Cola collectors gathering in the world will take place from July 5 through 10 at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. More than 1500 collectors from over a dozen countries have already registered for the 30th annual Coca-Cola Collectors Club national convention. The convention will include seminars, regular and silent auctions, display rooms, banquets, swap meet, room hopping and more. For more information about the convention, please contact Beth at or visit the club website at .

I now maintain a full 'events calendar' that you can check out for future shows.
Any new events  in your area? E-mail it so all of us can know, to: Upcoming Events

From me, the Fizz in my life...

I just finished the July/August issue of The Soda Fizz Magazine - which should be mailed in the next few days. For those of you who receive the printed version, please bear with me as my current printer did not notify me until the last minute that it was unable to reproduce the cover, and a "substitute" one was made. Hopefully by the next issue (September/October), this matter will have been resolved.

Since my last mailing to you, many things have happened - one of which is the most significant is a (temporary) move to the St. Paul area of Minnesota.  Those of you who contribute information, please continue to send them to the same mailing and email address.  They will reach me either way.

Also, with so much spam circulating, it has become necessary for many individuals, as well as ISPs, to put protection in place that may cause some of you not to receive even your legitimate email, including the Fizz.  It has become almost exhausting to try and find ways around some of them, so please remember that the Fizz is also available online in the archives.  

Also, there is at least one computer virus circulating that can mask the email address it appears to come from, and unfortunately, it seems that because of my newsletter being on anyone's infected computer, some of my email addresses embedded in the newsletter have appeared to have been the "sender."   This is not possible as there is only ONE email address set up to "send" email from my server - all the rest are 'alias' addresses forwarded to the one in/out functioning mailbox.  I can assure you that no such emails have originated from my computer.  Everyone knows what the Fizz emails/newsletters from me look like - and the very occasional "Fizz Flash" look like - anything else did not come from me.  And if there is ever any question, either email me and ask, or just simply delete it. Also, be sure to update your anti-virus software on a regular basis - I have mine set to auto-update on a daily basis (all three - two anti-virus and my firewall, which also is set to scan all incoming and outgoing email).

The EXPO is fast approaching.  I have still not received a confirmed time for our PSBCA meeting in Memphis, but have received an email today regarding it from the show's chairman, Gene Bradberry.  I will send a separate e-mailing when I know the day and time of it.  Please plan to attend, even though you'll be receiving notice of it later than I would have liked.

LAST NOTE: If anyone has an upcoming show - or plans to attend one - and would like to place PSBCA (and/or FOHBC) brochures on your table or at the information table of the show, DO let me know and I would be happy to send you a supply for that. Matter of fact, I have printed up an ample supple of them for this reason.  Also, if you have a booth in an antique shop or mall, etc., I would send brochures for you to place there as well.  All help is greatly appreciated(It is my goal to increase the PSBCA membership significantly this year, 2004.)

Until next time, Happy Collecting!

FYI :  Bottle Nuts

Bottle Nuts will again be setting up in the Expo Field at Madison, Bouckville, [New York] this August 17-22, 2004.  This will be a part of the Fox's Den, which will be located in a 40' X 100' enclosed tent.  The Expo Field was kind enough to lease us 80' of road frontage 300' deep.  There will be two tents erected this year, a 20' x 40', plus a 40' x 100'.  We wll have our own PortaPotty.  There will also be a gathering area in the rear of the big tent.  This will consist of tables and chairs for dining, relaxing and socializing with cold beverages and a place to cook dinner.

All of last years participants are expected to return and there will be some new faces joining us.  Anyone interested in joining in for any part of the festivities can E-mail Larry [Brer Fox] @ brerfox@frontiernet or call (585) 394-8958.

Tables will be provided, or you can bring your own. Plus, you can join us for one day, or all six days. The price is the same. Parking is free in our own parking area for our people.  

The 20' x 40' tent will house Steve and Edie.  Edie will again be painting items for sale at the site.  Those of you who were there last year, remember the crowds of people watching her paint.  The House of David's will be located in the big tent.  This is really special, but no explanation as to what this well be given until after the show.  Larry and Jack (the famous bottle maker from Lynchburg) will be in charge of hospitality.  You know the fun and excitement that these two can create.

If you can't set up with us, at least be sure to stop by and visit with your old friends - and perhaps make some new ones.  If we can't put a smile on your face, we will get you a new one.

    Best Regards,
    Brer Fox and Cousin Sly

[Larry Fox is the current Northeast Regional Director and Editor for the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors (FOHBC). He resides in Canandaigua, New York.  Please contact him at the address or phone number above if you would like to visit the Bottle Nuts in August and require more information.]

If you have a soda-related subject that you would like to see here as an "FYI" article, or have information you yourself would like to contribute, don't be shy, send it to: FYI Idea

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