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the Soda Fizz e-Zine for Soda Memorabilia Collectors Worldwide

 April 28th, 2004

ISSN: 1541-776X

The e-Zine for Soda Memorabilia Collectors Worldwide

Up for Grabs

From Blair Matthews, Editor of the Soda Pop Dreams Magazine : The third edition of The Soda Spectrum Series is here  - dedicated to Coca-Cola bottles and Coke bottle collectors. Check it out at: Also a new back issues 'super' cd is available now with Issues #1-28 on one great cd..... Check out our website for details!!  

Also if anyone else has bottles or other soda-related items to offer, E-mail and let us all know.

My Missing Items

WANTED: William V. Seifert book 'Collecting Hobbleskirt Coca Cola Bottles' published by Carstarphen Publishing around 1978. Please email/mail price to : Doug McCoy, 2851 Milford View, Marietta, GA 30008; Ph: (770) 435-9138 or send E-mail.

From 'electric pop' : I am looking for a book on Pepsi vending machines and coolers.

Do you have a particular item, or items, that you have been looking for a long time to complete part of your collection, or something you want - but have not as yet been able to find? Send it so all of us can help you look. You never know where it may turn up! E-mail it to My Missing Item


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 Q & A


Post your questions online @ the Question Forum. Also, feel free to answer too!

Please do send your best deals, favorite items, collecting stories, or trades etc. questions and comments to My Items
They are always welcome.

What's New?

Protests shake up Coca-Cola at annual meeting - an interesting read from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Carbonated drinks are to be banned in Chicago’s public schools. Vending machines will be stocked with healthier alternatives in an attempt to combat child obesity. The Chicago Public Schools has announced that it is looking for bids to sell beverages in over 550 schools in the district. Coca-Cola’s exclusive contract to place beverage vending machines in CPS schools for the last five years is due to expire shortly. The CPS is also looking to ban junk food from its schools and both changes are set to take place next year. Prospective bidders will need to show that the beverages they will sell in elementary schools contain 100% fruit juice, while in high schools, juices will have to contain no less than 50% juice.

New bottles or cans, or anything soda, in your area ?
Please send the info so all of us can know @ Whats New

Upcoming Event Reminders:

Scottish Old Bottle & Collectors Fair (Sat. 10 AM – 4 PM) at the Institute, Bridge of Earn, Nr. Perth, Scotland. INFO: PH:  011-44-1343 830512.  

Mohawk Valley Antique Bottle Club's 10th Annual Antique Bottle Show and Sale (Sun. 9 AM - 2:30 PM) at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds, Route 5S and Cemetery Road, Frankfort, N. Y. (5 miles East of Utica).  INFO: PETER BLEIBERG, 7 White Pine Road, New Hartford, N. Y. 13413, PH: (315) 735-5430, Email:

Antique Bottle Club of Northern Illinois 30th Annual Show & Sale (Sun. 9 AM – 3 PM) at the Holiday Inn Convention Center, Grand Ave. (1 block west of I-94), Gurnee, Illinois. INFO: GREG SCHUENEMAN, PH: (847) 623-7572.

Ohio Bottle Club’s 26th Annual Show & Sale (Sat. 8 AM – 2 PM, early admission Fri. 2 PM) at the Richland County Fairgrounds, U. S. Route 30 (Trimble Rd. exit), Mansfield, Ohio. INFO: RON HANDS, PH: (330) 634-1977, E-mail:

Washington Bottle Collectors Association’s Spring Insulator, Bottle & Collectibles Show (Sat. 9 AM-5 PM) at the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds, Chehalis, Washington. INFO: WARREN LHOTKA, PH:  (206) 329-8412, E-mail: or ROBIN HARRISON, PH: (206) 522-2135, E-mail:

Montgomery Bottle & Insulator Club’s 33rd Annual Show & Sale (Sat. 9 AM – 4 PM, early admission Fri. 4 PM – 6 PM) at the Garrett Coliseum in the Ed Teague Arena, Montgomery, Alabama. INFO: JAMES HOPKINS, 2021 Merrily Dr., Montgomery, AL  36111, PH: (334) 288-7937 or BETTY BRADSHER, 7360 Heathermoore Loop, Montgomery, AL  36117, PH: (334) 279-0072.

Matheson Museum Antique Bottle Show (Sat. 9 AM – 3 PM, early admission Fri. 5 PM – 7 PM & Sat. 8 AM – 9 AM) at the Matheson Museum, 513 E. University Ave., Gainesville, Florida. INFO: KRISTIN JOHNSON, 513 E. University Ave., Gainesville, FL  32601, PH: (352) 378-2280, E-mail: info@mathesonmuseum,org.

Washington County Antique Bottle & Insulator Club’s Annual Show & Sale (Sun.  9 AM – 2 PM) at the Alpine Star Lodge, 735 Jefferson Ave. (I-70 exit 17), Washington, Pennsylvania. INFO: RUSS CRUPE, 52 Cherry Rd., Avella, PA  15312, PH: (724) 345-3653, E-mail:

Missouri Valley Insulator Club and Prairie Signals Insulator Club's 2nd Annual Independence Insulator Swap Meet (Sat. 10 AM - 3 PM, setup 9 AM) at Riverside Park (4-H Show Hall) No table fee and free parking. INFO: SASE or E-mail for table and $5 catered lunch to: BRIAN & MELISSA RIECKER, 113 East Sycamore, Independence, KS 67301; PH: (620) 331-9897; E-mail:

The Houston Space City Chapter of the Coca-Cola Collector's Club is hosting their annual vintage advertising and collector show and sale at the Park Plaza Hotel Reliant Center, Houston, Texas, on August 27, 2004 from 6pm-10pm and August 28, 2004 from 9am-4pm. For more information, please contact CHARLOTTE EDWARDS, president of the Space City Chapter at (713) 464-6911 or E-mail:

The Arkansas & Green County (Oklahoma) Coca-Cola Collector's Club Chapters present "Fall Fever in the Ozarks" event in Branson, Missouri at the Settle Inn Resort, 3050 Green Mountain Drive. Call 1-800-677-6906 for reservations at $65 + tax per night. INFO: KEN COTTRELL, PH: (918) 357-3067; E-mail:

I now maintain a full 'events calendar' that you can check out for future shows.
Any new events  in your area? E-mail it so all of us can know, to: Upcoming Events

From me, the Fizz in my life...

I just finished the May/June issue of The Soda Fizz Magazine - and have delivered it to my printers. Next, I have the FOHBC May Newsletter to do, then immediately after that, the Summer issue of Bottles and Extras. June will bring the EXPO souvenir program as well as website updates. So, to get to the point, I have been, and will continue to be, a bit on the busy side of things. 

Last month, on March 22nd, was the four-year anniversary of The Soda Fizz e-zine, and it's come a long way since that first one. However, the increased work load to meet publishing deadlines has forced me to do something I had been trying to avoid for some time - reduce the frequency of the Soda Fizz e-zine.  Many of you have emailed asking about the absence of it in your inbox, and I apologize that there just isn't enough hours in a day to get everything done. So, hopefully for a short period of time, The Fizz will most probably be more monthly than weekly. I also hope to find a little time to make some changes to the format, but plan on keeping the same information coming - just less often, at least for a while.

Also, and this is very important - keep your comments, questions and (free) classified ads coming.  It is just one of the things that makes The Fizz interesting.

In the meantime - do remember the EXPO in Memphis in August. Make plans to be there - it will be here before we know it.  I have many plans for the EXPO and don't want anyone to miss out on anything.  I have been in touch with Gene Bradberry, the show's chairman, and not only have I planned things, there are lots of things in the works from the Federation as well.  I know there are seminars, as well as a planned tour of Graceland and some other goodies. Plan to be there and not miss anything!  

Also, I have planned a Limited Edition special issue of The Soda Fizz for the EXPO that will be available to those who attend. 

LAST NOTE: If anyone has an upcoming show - or plans to attend one - and would like to place PSBCA (and/or FOHBC) brochures on your table or at the information table of the show, DO let me know and I would be happy to send you a supply for that. Also, if you have a booth in an antique shop or mall, etc., I would send brochures for you to place there as well.  All help is greatly appreciated(It is my goal to increase the PSBCA membership significantly this year, 2004.)

Until next time, Happy Collecting!

FYI :  Casco Bottling Company, Portland, Maine

In 1927-28 the former Variety Manufacturing Company plant at 80 Bell Street was converted to a bottling company. From 1928 to 1937, it was home to the Portland (Maine) Coca-Cola Bottling Works, with Arthur S. Ardrey as manager.

In 1931, an enterprising 33-year-old salesman named Manual Levi joined Ardrey. Before long he was manager, and when the bottling of Coca-Cola for southern Maine was shifted to South Portland in 1937, Levi formed Casco Bottling Company and remained on Bell Street.

Casco Bottling was Manual Levi’s show for the next 24 years. And he ran it well. “None Better” was Casco’s early slogan. The more imaginative “The Thoroughbred of Carbonated Beverages” was used in the 1950s, by which time, Levi was bottling a very full line of 17 flavors.

When Manual Levi passed away in 1961, his wife Lillian took over at Casco’s helm. By the late 1960s, in addition to her own line of Casco flavors, Lillian bottled Moxie, Orange Crush and “76” under license.

Lillian Levi ran Casco long after all the other independent bottlers in Portland had gone by the wayside. In 1976, however, she decided it was time to retire. Lillian sold the firm to former postal employee James A. DiPhilippo, who kept Casco afloat but two more years.

Five decades of soft drink manufacturing at 80 Bell Street came to an end in 1978 (although Casco’s brand was bottled for a time thereafter in Rochester, New Hampshire). 

Today the former bottling works is a trim-looking, gray clapboard, containing four apartments, a laundry and a dog obedience school. The present owner is Dave Smith, who is well aware of the structure’s long life as a bottling plant. 

If you have a soda-related subject that you would like to see here as an "FYI" article, or have information you yourself would like to contribute, don't be shy, send it to: FYI Idea

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