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What exactly is The Maverick?

The Maverick is a website that is comprised of a collection of submitted manuscripts. A manuscript can be either a single chapter, a short story, or a novel. It costs nothing to submit a manuscript and most types of stories are accepted. This site is meant for both fun and exposure for aspiring fiction writers. There will be a hit counter placed on each story's first page and that will allow it's author to gauge how many readers they have reached. I urge you not to cheat the counters as it is there for your benefit in the first place.

Who can submit a manuscript?

Anybody can submit a manuscript, but all stories must follow the submission rules It does not matter what age you are. Like stated before, literally anybody can submit to this site. We do not offer to publish your manuscript into a book or to help you get it published in anyway. The only exposure you will receive is it being published on this site and maybe be choosen as one of the "Top Stories" of the week. (Updated weekly on the right hand sidebar) So relax, have fun, and enjoy your stay at The Maverick.


Posted By: Xander
July 28th, 2006
The site is now active once again. All submissions are welcome.

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