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Heyz! hidden website things fo only Emily's friends! i've got pics on here so if u dont want urs on here.. IM me @ dizz e azn [fo aim].

i have nothing left 2 say but check out da pics.. oh yeah one more thing.. can u do a lil favor fo me?! plz!!!

Don't link this website on ur profile, website, etc. WHATEVER! i made this website w. da longest url so it can remain hidden n seen only fo mah closest friends. so plz dont link this site.. EVA!

da password thing got soOoO0o annoying! so i decided 2 just have hidden site.

so be merry n enjoy..

so everything is straight, aite?!  

Want 2 send me a pic?!

PIcs aRE aLWaYz wElComes in MaH SiTe.. aS loNg aS iT haS mAh fRiend's HaviNg FuN fUn! sO hIt dA eMaIL n sEnd mE dA pIc..

Do you like this design?


This picture is from ''Ah! My Goddess'' by Kosuke Fujishima. Give credit to the author! :)

M e n u