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Welcome to Stories by Claudia Lee and Friends


  • In 1996 I wrote a novel I called BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND A HARD PLACE. I attempted publication with a Canadian subsidy publishing house named Commonwealth Publications. Thousands of authors and myself were shafted by this publisher. Commonwealth Publications went belly up and filed bankruptcy shortly afterwards. The authors had to take Commonwealth to court...the Canadian court system...but even though a lawsuit was won to the tune of about $14,000,000, the authors who were cheated out of their money (subsidy cost me $3,800 back then as this was before POD publishing). Many of the authors paid even more than I did. Periodically I do an engine search on my own name...I'm such an exciting person...and found that my book is listed as published by Picasso Publications. WHAT?! What a big shafting! I found other authors' websites where they too have found their work published by this Picasso Publications as the books and their rights were seized upon the bankruptcy filing. Thousands of authors, not a few...thousands! I was enraged to find this, even though I cannot find if the book is still available. Authors...beware of such publishers.

    I have my paperwork with my copyrights I paid for myself, and it was Commonwealth that broke our contract before they went bankrupt and I have long ago revised my first version of the work and have always planned on having the work published, and still do. If you see BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND A HARD PLACE listed as written by Claudia Schloemp or as C. Lee Finkle, it is being published, in my opinion, illegally by Picasso Publications. I have never received one cent for this work, and these type of publishers are bottom feeders just looking for works to use without having to pay for it. I would not buy any work published by them, and hope that the general public can empathize with the authors.

    Also, if you too are a writer seeking publications, A.C. Crispin has an excellent website that can guide you toward a proper agent and/or publisher. Go to and find out which agents and publishers are not author friendly. (I promote A.C.'s work and struggle to help other authors, even though my current publisher is one she does not approve of, and A.C. has many publications and awards for her fine work. I wish I had seen the information she offers back in 1996 before I took a leap of faith and went with the wrong publishing house).

    At ten years old, my grandson came up with an idea for a series book he wanted to write. After six years of working on this first book to the series, it is now out in print. HOWL MICHIGAN is the name of the first book, and the series as well.

    Since C. Lee Finkle is related to the horror (or as my publisher calls it thriller) I have chosen Claudia Lee as my pseudonym for our book series.

    You can order HOWL MICHIGAN, the first book in the series at:


    Hello! My name is Devin Park and I came up with the idea of writing this book series when I was 10 years old. My grandmother had a novel in print and I wanted to read it, but she said no because it contained adult words and situations in the content. I was disappointed because I really wanted to read the book, so I asked her “why can’t you write a book that I can read?” She said she did not know how to write for kids or know what subjects they would want to read, and started to walk away from me, but then turned around and said “if I do, you have to be my co-author. The work will be your idea and I will put it into words for you” . That is how the conception of writing this work came about. Each day my grandma would write a chapter or two and I would come home from school and read it, correct it, and tell her what I wanted. We worked like this for a long time to get this first book HOWL MICHIGAN ready for print. It has been a long road, as life gets in the way and more important things had to be attended to before we could bring it to the publisher.

    This book is a journal started by a ten year old boy and it logs not only his everyday life, but his imagination that can be spurred on by anything that appears out of the ordinary. It will take you through his thought process, his imagined and his real observations of the situations he will face for each journal entry. Will the reader be able to depict the real from the imagined? Are any of his notations in the journal imagined? I offer these stories, entries to you as the reader to decide.


    Throughout my life I had always considered that writing a journal not just of the everyday boring things that happens to everyone, but the memorable and exciting things that sometimes pop up from now and then that make the world really and truly go round. The idea of finding the answers to such questions would make me the most important being alive. I’m not just talking about the things that scare us when we are 5 years old like the shadow in the corner of your dimly lit bedroom that looks like a big, fat and hungry demon about to devour you until you scream your head off and your parents come so quick that you think your dad must be The Flash…but embarrassingly enough, when Dad flicks on the light switch, that big fat shadow turns out to be your teddy bear and you learn that creepy looking shadows that dance about your bedroom walls are really your own toys and your brain has just played a game on you and you were the loser. No, the things I am going to keep a journal on are not those silly little amusing shadow people who thumb their noses at you and make you hide your head under the covers just to shut them off, I’m writing about the real life fears that even adults can’t explain and especially the ones they ignore because deep inside them they know that these mysteries can eat you up and I don’t mean your body. They survive on your inner self and are here to take over the planet and to make the world become theirs. They come at us from all directions and under all different names and titles. What do you fear most? What are you afraid of becoming more than anything else? And please, don’t say an adult like your parents. Everyone is afraid of becoming their own parents. I even heard my grandmother once say to her cousin “I got up this morning and looked in the mirror and looked right at me and guess who I saw?” she paused for a moment before her cousin could answer, Grandma said “I saw our Grandma! I am now officially Grandma!” and they both laughed but all I could think was ‘good Lord, does this mean I’m going to be my dad?’ I checked my own image every day for months until I was certain it wasn’t happening.

    So, back to the thought of creatures from altered stages, other dimensions or blasting into our world through black hole gateways that only a few of us can understand? I have to log these strange events as they happened to me so like a jig saw puzzle, it could all be placed together and then solved.


    Hi Claudia Lee and Devin,

    I wanted to get this mail out to you while the story is still fresh in my mind. First off, great compliments to Devin (and of course to his mentor grandmother) for a fine work. Devin's work is full of Great ideas! Very contemporary (I'm sure he helped with the "internet games nomenclature" and other modern terminology) and the way it's worked so honestly leading into Chimera the rainbow-haired girl who could or not be a vampire----which is right in vogue at the moment (Twilight, Trueblood, the Ann Rice books, etc.), so if he continues this saga as he grows he'll turn out to be one of the better suspense/horror writers of today.

    Devin, you are one talented imaginative boy! I loved Wes, the homeless Viet Nam vet who lives in a cardboard box, Devin's early on buddy Kyle and of course the formidable teacher Mr. Harree. The book is written keeping the book honest with that edge of the supernatural.

    I will write a complimentary review for Amazon, and all I can say is keep this stuff going and as you grow, it will too. There's no doubt in my mind, under the tutelage of Grandma Claudia Lee you've got a very good chance of making it in the horror writing genre!

    In all sincerity,


    (Raum...aka Maurice, is a published writer himself and a great artist. He has a lifelong experience in the art world and has a very well written book about the case of HH Holmes, a notorious murderer that is both compelling and interesting. I truly appreciate his kind words about Devin's work and all of the wonderful reviews that have come my way. Reviews of HOWL MICHIGAN can be placed at,

    If you have read HOWL MICHIGAN and want to send a review to us to post, just send it to Book Reviews

    Another pet project I am working on will be about the idea of contact and visitations of other beings or intelligence. It is written not from the point of view of a contactee, but rather from the visitor's view point. THE CHRONICLES OF EL is the voice of my character. You've read how humans who feel they are in contact with off world beings feel about contact, now read about how the visitors look at the events. Link to the El page at top.

    C. Lee Finkle

    My contract has ended with Publish America for my book BEASTS. BEASTS has been a fun piece of work for me, but its new version SISTER MOON will give my readers a look farther back into history about the beginning of the worship of Sister Moon and how the shape shifters came about.

    I have no idea how the publisher is handling any orders should they come in now. With a POD publisher, seems there would be no such thing as out of print. All I know is I am out of royalties! So not sure what happens now.

    I want to thank everyone who has purchased my book, and a double thanks to those who have gone into Publish America and and given reviews of the book. I appreciate your support and kind words.

    Read the reviews that others have given BEASTS Amazon Reviews  

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    C. Lee Finkle is the author of published short stories; DRIVEN, published in Yellow Sticky Notes Magazine in 1999; as well as online at: DRIVEN

    NINTH HOUR OF ANY SUNDAY NIGHT, published at Story House online, and her interview with prolific author Arthur Myers;(sadly, Arthur Myers passed away April 8, 2006...his talents and charm are greatly missed!) published in Yellow Sticky Notes Magazine in 2000; and won an honorable mention award with Writer’s Digest Magazine in 1991.

    “I believe when possible, a writer should be able to bring their style to life in many subjects, not stereotyping themselves into just one niche. There is nothing wrong with specializing in one genre, we all have to do what we do best, but I feel it helps us to keep from getting tunnel vision if we spread our writing wings and try a little of everything we can.”



    Sandy Nichols is the originator of Alien Research Group ARG and his latest work at: NIGHT SEARCH
    Sandy is also the author of the book DIFFERENT CHILD a riveting account of alien encounters a lifetime of contact.DIFFERENT CHILD

    You'll want to read every page of it. Outstanding work on a very fascinating subject.

    Read about the late Art Myers and what he had to say about his work.



    by C. Lee Finkle

    It was a somber moment;
    yet filled with joy.

    He sat next to me in church;
    such a fine young boy.

    We listened as the Pastor spoke of glory to God;
    the parish sat and quietly they did nod.

    The sweet child smiled up at me and felt my face;
    the Pastor continued to talk about Holy Grace.

    In a whisper not so silent the boy spoke to me;
    his words echoed for all to hear who sat in the sanctuary.

    "Nana...your chins feel rubbery!"


    by C. Lee Finkle

    We have always walked together through the passages of time;
    strolling the avenues of life, your hand in mine.
    Your soul has touched my Spirit with everlasting love;
    gently whispering forever in your sweet melodic strains.
    Hearts strung together in a great festoon of lives;
    blossoming in unison as we spring from here to there.
    Will you recognize me in another time and place?
    Spirit never goes away,
    it just changes its face.


    by C. Lee Finkle

    “Where do babies come from?” the 5 year old asked as he climbed onto my lap, slipping his little arm around my neck.

    “They are gifts from God” I replied, rubbing noses with him “Eskimo” style.

    “Was I a gift too?”

    “Of course you are!” We squeezed each other for the length of a giggle.

    “But Nana, my baby brother is not a gift” he huffed as he folded his arms across his chest. “Maybe we should return him” deep thought was apparent in his sparkling hazel eyes.

    “Heavens no!” I laughed. “These gifts are more precious than diamonds or gold.”

    “Even him?”

    “Oh yes, all babies, Dear One.”

    He smiled and kissed my cheek, and I held him tight, reflecting on the years and the babies that had rested on my lap. The little ones who had asked those same questions and hugged me tight.

    With my hand I brushed his hair back from his eyes.

    The 2-year-old burst into the room, arms flailing, all excited. “Broke!” he yells. “Me broke you car.” Out the door again he zooms, pieces of Hot Wheel trailing behind.

    “Nana, if we can't send him back, do you suppose we could maybe just rewrap him for a few hours?”

    In 1997 I had a web site with interesting information I had read in books, and these same facts have come back to me via e-mails over the years just as they were posted on my I have remade those same points of interest here. STUFF

    My current project: I am a contributing author in all three volumes.

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    As a thinking American, you have the right to question the offered information...but are the cover-ups for our own collective good, or are they covering some high profile backsides with deceptions designed to keep the public in the dark?

    Perhaps what we think we are seeing isn't what is truly going on.

    We all must realize that in order to keep our country safe and protected there will be a certain amount of secrets kept by our government. We have to live with that to remain free, however are some of those secrets more than just military inventions? Could they be governmental contact with other lifeforms? Are Bob Lazar and others telling the truth about alien technology that has been developed and used by our government? If so, are the denials and cover-ups part of a program designed to keep our country safe and protect its citizens?

    Read these 3 informative volumes written to enlighten and intrigue you...then you decide what is going on.


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