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Hello all and welcome to S.S.W. Unleashed. This is the magazine your parents warned you about. I am Maverick Sullivan and I am going to bring to you everything you wanted to know about the S.S.W. but were afraid to ask.

Get ready kids cause this is not some P.C. controlled magazine where I have to be nice to everyone. Everyone and everything is fair game here. So if you want to hear something nice about the people who live on the edge in the S.S.W. then you need to take your ass somewhere else.

We are going to give it to you as real as we can and we have no one to answer to, cause to tell you the truth I would not care what they had to say anyway.

So buckle up kiddies cause you have to be this tall to ride the fastest most dangerous ride in the wrestling world.THE S.S.W.


Aug.7 2005

Well After one hell of a PPV we find ourselves back and ready to get to the next issue of Unleashed. We have signed to new members to our little Motley Crew. They are Myste Wylde and Ross Bobby so be ready to see what they have to say about the SSW.

If you look in the Hot Spot you will see that Gwen has sat down with the "New Pansy Ass Champ" himself. Who thinks Gwen gets out alive? Well go and look and see for yourselves.

July 18 2005

Well good news folks we have the first installments of "Ask Gweeny" and "From The Hip." So if you have the nerve check them out if you dare.


August 1 2005

H.P. Pavillion - San Jose, California

Opening Match

GBL versus Sebastian Bock

Chance Of A Lifetime Match

The winner will quick go on to face up against Cassie LeighAnn Hurst for the Sydnicated title upon her return to the ring.

James Draven versus Jesterio

Singles Match

Cameron Behringer versus Johnny Dangerous

Ladder Match

Both new wrestlers just starting their careers in SSW, will be forced to face each other in a ladder match with $25,000 on the line, suspended 25 feet above the ring.

Britney "BJ" Johnson versus Revelation

PansyAss Title Match

No explanation necessary... it's Eddie fucking Williams.

Goliath versus Eddie Williams

Hardcore Tag Team Match

Hurst and King may not have a liking for each other, but if it's one thing they have in common... they're both at the throats of two resident Brits, Stu-E Price and Dan Bamlett. Stipulations: Pin falls anywhere. No disqualifications.

Colton Hurst and Trent King versus Stu-E Price and Daniel Bamlett

Fluorescent Tubing Malice Title Match

The angst-driven Malice champion goes up against the Man-Bear in a possibly career-ending match up. The ropes are entirely covered in fluorescent tubing, standing on end as if to make a fence. Outside of the ring, more fluorescent tubing is laid, mixed in with chairs and a table or two. Will the Man-Bear end The Man's claims to be extreme, or will The Man put the Man-Bear down?

Sid Frankenstein versus Jamie "Kodiak" Heck

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