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My Reflections on Humanities 260

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My Reflection of Technology

 I have to admit when starting this course I had no idea what to expect.  I really thought it was going to be a rather boring subject but I was utterly surprised when I became interested in the course material.  I had never thought about how technology affects different aspects of society and the world we live in.  During this semester, I learned that technology affects every aspect of our world.  I feel that computers are the most important aspect of technology.  If someone would have told me that people actually put more faith in a machine then in God, I would have never believed them until I read the “The Dynamo and the Virgin” by Henry Adams.  I also enjoyed reading the piece by Marge Piercy called the “Secretary Chant” .  After having a job as an administrative assistant, I could totally relate to the author’s words and the images she wanted the reader to perceive.

I am much more aware now after taking this course that technology is a major part of my family’s life.  If I did not have the technology of a computer, I would not be able to continue my education from home or communicate with people that do not live here.  My cell phone is my life line between my children, friends and family without it I would be lost.  I appreciate the knowledge about weblogs, which I hope to use in the future with friends and family.  Digital painting is a new aspect of art that I am going to be looking into more in the future.

One of the artifacts that I have chosen to display is on Frankenstein.  I was anxious about this assignment because it was demanding mostly because of the workload that had to be completed in a short period of time.  During this assignment, I became more enthusiastic about completing it and it became one of the more interesting parts of this course.  I had never read the novel or viewed the movie until it was assigned this class.  The novel makes a person realize how advances in technology can be a terrible thing for society.  Through out the reading the author, Mary Shelley, stresses how an education plays a major role in what status you have in the societal food chain.  Victor was obsessed with getting more and more information far to advanced for his time.  He stretched the limits of Mother Nature and medical technology as far as he could when he created the monster.  The novel and movie was based on Victor’s life and the tragedy he endured throughout his life.  Any person reading the novel or watching the movie can experience the regret Victor feels for pushing technology to its limits and the consequences society faces for doing so.  The assignment made me think more about how technology might help or hinder society in our future.

After viewing all of my submissions required for this class, I would have to say that the Art and Technology Creative Project was my most challenging.  I had never written a poem that would be read by someone else.  I was nervous putting my thoughts out there for someone to just stomp on.  The agonizing thought process of my poem took forever, but I finally wrote about how technology affects me personally.  Technology on an aircraft carrier is top notch.  It allows the crew to travel all around the world.  With this advanced technology the United States had a military advantage during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Creatively speaking, I am far from artistic.  I chose to display digital pictures to be referenced with my poem.  One of the replies that I received for my project was from Vanessa Aguilar.  She said “Your creative process produced a wonderful poem that I did enjoy. The sequence of your pictures: the ship leaving, the aircraft leaving and coming back, and the military coming home gave a visual effect that added to the meaning of your poem. I also liked the order of your poem such as you standing on a pier saying good-bye and during that absence having many questions, because it is like reading a story from a book”.  After reading her reply, I think her words gave me more self confidence and made the project well worth it. 

The most interesting task that was assigned was the Art and Media Forum.  After researching for this assignment, I became aware of art and media technologies that I did not know existed before.  It gave me a chance to explore different aspects of art and media websites.  I found the digital paintings website at fascinating.  This artist has a variety of galleries to view.  Digital painting is performed through image editing and digital painting software.  This software allows the artist to create a thought or idea they have through a computer.  Digital painting tools help the artist facilitate working with brushes, shapes, area filling and text.  The process of an artist using a keyboard and a mouse to compose a painting with the use of a computer program is just amazing.  E-poetry was another aspect I chose.  I was surprised to find out how popular this digital medium is being used by poets all over the country.  With technology changing over the years, e-poetry is becoming more popular due to the fact that poets can get their work out to society much faster than in the past.  The website that I found interesting was located at

In conclusion I feel that technology affects everyone in many different ways.  I can be a simple as using a coffee pot or as complex as flying a plane.  But know matter how simple or complex, technology will continue to advance throughout the span of time.  The question being, will society be ready for such advancements in technology?