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Art and Media Forum

My Reflections on Humanities 260

Dear Classmates:

After exploring many different art and media websites, I was attracted to digital painting and e-poetry.  I chose one of the digital paintings by Suno Kang call “untitle”.  It is a painting of the face of a female with a black background.  The other example I chose was called “War Trilogy” by Predrag Sidjanin and Reiner Strasser which has three different parts that are viewed as one.  My favorite of the three parts was the middle image called “the crevice”.

The best way I can describe digital painting is that the images you see on the screen look life like.  The painting is created on a computer using an artwork computer software program.  I found this digital painting by doing a search engine for digital paintings.  After viewing many different websites, I found one that jumped at me.  On this artist’s website, I found the “untitle” piece.  The artist has many different galleries to view of digital paintings.  I enjoyed this piece because you cannot take your eyes of the woman’s face, especially her eyes.  In the painting, it as if this lady with such perfect skin is jumping out of the painting.

Digital painting is performed through image editing and digital painting software.  This software allows the artist to create a thought or idea they have through a computer.  Digital painting tools help the artist facilitate working with brushes, shapes, area filling and text.

The other art and media website I came across was one on e-poetry.    I chose a selection of e-poetry by Predrag Sidjanin and Reiner Strasser.  The piece is called the “war trilogy”, which you can view at  It has three parts called, the raft, the crevice and no pasáran (which in Spanish means “they shall not pass”).  The first part is images flashing over a picture in different segments of the painting.  The crevice is a black screen with a small vertical segment that flashes different images.  The third part has different words that flash over different parts of the screen.  My favorite part has of the artists piece if “the crevice”.  While viewing this piece you will see images of destruction that has happen over the past couple years in the United States.  While watching the flashing pictures, I thought I could see the Oklahoma City Bombing.  I feel that the artist is trying to convey how much disaster has happened in such a short period of time.

E-poetry is poetry written through a digital medium.  This type of poetry encompasses hypertext, kinetic and algorithmic.  With technology changing over the years, e-poetry is becoming more popular due to the fact that poets can get their work out to society much faster than in the past.

After researching for this letter, I became aware of art and media technologies that I did not know existed before.  Out of the two websites that I have written about, which was your favorite and why?  I am interested to see if you have similar tastes to mine.


Sheila Sinkovitz-Riss