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What is a Zine?

- ZINES: (Pronounced "zeens".) The word "zine" derives from the same root word as "magazine". It does not rhyme with "sign" or "signs".

- Print zines are printed or photocopied.

- E-zines are electronic (web) publications.

- FANZINE: A magazine written by and for fans -especially science fiction fans, or fans of underground music. (The word "fanzine" was originally short for "fan magazine".)

- Zines differ from "fanzines" in the sense that fanzines tend to limit themselves to topics exclusively related to fandom, whereas "zines" are often hard to classify, and cover a wide range of material.

- Some zines are deeply personal. Others are political. And some zines are devoted to esoterica such as true crime, the Zen of dishwashing, or reviews of amusement park rides.

- Any questions?