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Avril Lavigne is 20 today. Happy birthday for her!!!


Hi guys, my name’s the way you can call me han. Some of my relatives call me Mr.Ham and Westham, both of them are related to the “HAN” pronouncation. I m staying in Penang, the island of delicious foods. All the foods here, may grab your soul and make you become an expert of food tasting.

I have 4 guys in my family. Included my dad, which is a big guy with some nasty tummy and willing to sacrifice for my family. Followed with my mum, my beloved mother which is almost good at all, as a result that she is working for the government education domain.

I have two siblings, both ain’t my gender type. I m in the middle of the sandwich, so my elder sister is quite understanding. She concerns about us, and she’s working at the morning and studying at night. She wants to be a Chinese ginseng, so she has to endures the processes.

Now, its my younger and the youngest sister in my family. She is intelligent but always stick up with tv. She does thinks a lot but rarely moves. So her body ends up with cola can.

All of the above are some simple descriptions of my family. It’s an ordinary but happy family. I fell so lucky to have myself in such family. The god has been treating me so fair.

You may find me in 4SBK,CLHS. See a guy with a black tag that stated “Form Representative”

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