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 If you haven't guessed the woman in white is my new stepmother (letty) and the man with his arms around her is my dad (john)  (I know it seems obvious but I've had a few people guess incorrectly)

K' they guy with the goofy hair and goofier smile is my bro trevor next to him is my bro shawn, the freakishly tall blond kid with the glasses just below and to the right of shawn is my other bro ryan.  The other kid with glasses is my cousin tanya's boyfriend adam, to the left of him is my cousin tom (recently single ladies) the good looking fat kid next to him is myself (pretty much single at any given time ladies) you might notice my non-mullet haircut I pretty much had to beg for that. just below and to the left of me is my new stepbro ryan (yes it does get confusing) leaning against him is my adorable yet slightly hyper neice ashley and the last kid standing there would be my nephew phillip

This is my step-sister lindsey and my step-brother ryan I'll let you guess who's who.