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(cover boy of a 1978 teen magazine)

(1st LP - 1977)

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You may write to Leif Garrett | F8 (address permissible for public):
5850 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, California 90036 USA
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Here's the following submission from a fellow Phoenician. Beau & I did not attend Leif's Godspeed 2nd Tempe (Phoenix) show on May 20, 2000...
(This is copyrighted.)

The following is my story:
I found out about Leif coming back to town by reading posts on the Godspeed Fan Club message board. I became very excited at the thought of being able to see Leif in person again. This would be my fourth time ever getting up close to him. I e-mailed a friend of mine in Chicago immediately hoping that she would be able to join me. I also invited another friend who lives here locally in AZ. As the show approached I found out that neither of my friends would be able to make it. I had also left a number of posts on the message board trying to find out who would be there. As it turned out there were very few people at The Mill Ave Sport Rock Cafe. I went to the bar and got there at around 8 in the evening. I made sure that Godspeed was performing and then I meet ValJean off the message board. We sat and chatted waiting for Leif to arrive. I happened to be looking out a window and noticed him first! I knew that the night was getting better. I watched as he went in to the back room. Ted from the band came out and chatted for a little bit with ValJean and I. We both shared pics from some of Leif's previous shows with Ted. I then had the opportunity to speak with Barbara who is Leif's manager. She told ValJean and I that we could go backstage after the show. I was very excited!! I had never been backstage before. Well, Godspeed came on and Leif was barefoot and his toenails where painted black. He was a bit more relaxed this time around. Ted came out on a number of songs and played his guitar right in front of us. Leif was having a great time onstage laughing and playing with Ted and Clackers. Ted would play a song that Leif didn't like and Leif would go over to him and try to make him stop. At one point Leif was laughing so hard he just fell to the floor and let loose. It was so nice seeing him have so much fun. Leif also came out onto the dance floor area and sang with us. While Leif was singing I was lucky enough to be able to put my arm around him and sing with him. That was a hi-lite in my evening. Leif played until he was literally kicked off the stage by the owner of the bar. After the show I waited for Barbara to take me backstage. I went back to share my pics with Leif. Unfortunately I was not able to sit with him one on one to show him my pics. He is a very busy man and he was very great about signing autographs for fans. I was however lucky enough to be able to sit on a coffee table with his legs propped up on mine. I knew he was tired and told him he did a great job and I will be at his next show in Tempe. He was then whisked out of the bar by Barbara and on his way to his hotel. I had a great night with Leif once again! It is so nice to see him moving on in his life. I hope that things continue to improve for him.
Thank you
My Bio:
Name: Mary [age 33]
Location: Phx., AZ
Hobbies: Playing with my kids, scuba diving and swimming.

photo by Mary
Printed with permission

More photos from the Tempe January show from other Godspeed fans...

Calling his mother up in California right in front of us on a fancy cell phone!

Ogling crowd a successful turnout at the Mill Avenue Sport Rock Café in Tempe, Arizona!

Signing autographs after the show...
With manager Barbara, holding his 2nd LP "Feel the Need" (released 1978)! Self-titled "Godspeed" marks his "7th", his independent label: 1st is titled "Leif Garrett" (1977), 3rd is "Same Goes for You" which spawned the hit I Was Made for Dancin' (1979), 4th is "Can't Explain" by the Who (1980), and 5th is "My Movie of You" (1981).

Photos courtesy from various sources on the web

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