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Seeking the Lotus began in March 2004 as a forum for exploring issues of spirituality as it intersects with personal and political issues. Because I identify with Buddhism, most of the content has a Buddhist flavor, although submissions from other people will come from different traditions. This page gives a summary of each issue thus far published, number of pages in the issue, and the price of that issue. If you are interested in an issue, you can buy it through paypal, follow the links to the distros, or e-mail me at TinuvielDancing at

One year subscriptions now available! For only $8.00, get at least four issues of Seeking the Lotus

Issue #1
March 2004
14 pages, $1.00
A lesson in Mindfulness.
The Abortion Question
March is Read the Dao De Jing Month!
A Moment of Mindfulness: Going to the Bathroom
Nourish the body and the mind

Also available at Help Me Distro and 100 Lighted Trees.

Issue #2: Journeys
June 2004
38 pages, $2.00
From Isis to Buddha
Becoming Christian by Bernie Wilkie
A Moment of Mindfulness: Driving a Car
The White Fire of Great Mystery by Lauren Eggert-Crowe
From Beauty to Truth by Victoria Bocchicchio
Reversion: How I found Islam by Siobhan
Childhood Remembrences: For Gegem Marimolka Hiber

Also available at Help Me Distro and Moonlight Requisition Distro

Issue #3
July 2004
24 pages, $1.50
Meditating on a Rock Forever is not the Answer: Reflections on Moderation and Society
DIY: Recylced Paper
Killing the Buddha: Creating an American Zen--A discussion with Soto Zen Teacher Tim McCarthy
To Become a Zen Master
A Moment of Mindfulness: Brushing Your Teeth
Confessions of a Bad Buddhist by Nhom De Phlum

Explain God in Five Words or Less by Lauren Eggert-Crowe
Did you know, god is the sun by Sammy
Pentecost Here by Elizabeth Kate Switaj

Also available at Help Me Distro

Issue #4:Podma
Winter 2005
Introduction: Who am I?
You're going to Bangla-where?
A Bideshi in Bengali clothing
Going Native: Women's Fashion in Bangladesh
World Learns English
The Beggar