Short Stories

Here are some short stories that I've written over the past few years, all originating post-"Second Reality" collection. Some appeared at the Writers Cafe while others are seeing the light of Internet day for the first time. Enjoy!

A Changed Man
Olivia's husband Wayne has been acting weird lately. She knows the reason why...and is about to share it with someone else.

A True Original
A short, short tale of a strange little boy.

Back to Good
A young man, who came close to doing something stupid thanks to alcohol and anger, comes home late at night and tries to reconcile things with his fiancee.

Lloyd and Mira return only to have their domestic bliss shattered by a forgotten item.

First One
A 13-year old boy goes to a party expecting to receive his first kiss from a girl. However, getting that kiss is going to be a lot harder than he ever expected.

The story of a man in his late twenties dealing with one of the most obvious signs of aging.

A young woman finds out just how the mind can fool you.

Let Go
A conversation involving office politics.

Professional Winter of Discontent
Adam and Brian discuss what they'd rather be doing than working.

Rock Bottom
What happens when two friends implode.

A long distance phone conversation.

Standing Across From Le Bec-Fin
A couple discusses yin and yang.

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