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Welcome to Sketched Silence! Posted here are my very good friend Erica's amazing creations. It's a tad messy right now because I'm still trying to see how everything fits, but plz bear with me! I hope you enjoy! I made a new header (finally) but i dont think I like it that much, so check back soon for a new one! :)

ROAR!! Flower Power! *pout*
Muscle man! Screw the 'pretty pretty princess' bit! *sloppy puppy kiss*Damn it all... Any last words? a brother's love is stronger than you think just an ordinary girl, how boring back off... MINE try me *evil smirk* girls dont like boys, girls like cars and money! protector or master? but i didnt do nuttin wrong whatever *blush* 'A china faced girl with nowhere to go...' wheee! 'under the moonlight' yes...? you can run, but you cant hide he was like hey punk, and i was like ya whateva! and your point is...? and you thought I was mean! whoever said only good girls could be innocent?
wings to carry her home... 'let the pain wash over you..' dont touch me what's wrong with having a dark side? harry and draco forever... the three amigos! wouldn't you liek to know... my hero