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Since I asked for submissions I'd thought I'd lay out a few guidelines.If I do use a submission a reader sends in that reader recieves that issue free.

1.-No hard profanity.Words like "ass" and "bitch" maybe included as long as it is not used in too harsh a manner.[i.e. to make a joke,o.k.;to insult someone not o.k.]

2.-If sending an article or fan fiction do not send in a novel lenght sized work.I do not have that many pages to spare in this fanzine.If you want your work printed in installments you will be responsible for dividing up the work into said installments.

3.-Chances of having your work appear will be greater if sent by e-mail at either or do not send in typed work that is novel sized long as it can freeze my e-mails.Do not send in artwork that consumes too much space or more than one piece of artork at once.This freezes my e-mail.If you do this and said freezing occurs I will delete your work without looking at it and it will go to waste.

4.-If sending artwork keep in mind the fanzine is in black and white.Don't bother coloring it on account of this fanzine.

5.-If you do send in work keep in mind I might not use it in the most recent issue but instead hold it for a future installment.

Well,them's the guidelines,if you want to be a part of SCRAMBLED EGGS.I await your work.[That way I don't have to bust my ass off so much working.]